CJSE has a record of building high-profile and mutually beneficial partnerships with domestic and international companies & brands. It is our goal to create long-lasting relationships that deliver real business benefits to our partners.

Sponsorship opportunities are available in many areas and can be customized to fit your needs.

For your customized investment proposal, contact Team CJSE at: sponsorship@carla.com 


Advertising and Broadcast Packages (radio, tv, print, and online)

Digital MarketingSocial Media Integration

On-Site Exposure: Exhibit Space

SamplingProduct Distribution & Demonstration

Print Collateral

Hospitality and Ticketing Packages

VIP Experiences

Exposure to Media & Publicity

Branding &  Signage

Customized and Unique Promotions & Contests

Lead Generation & Sales

Employee & Customer Relations Integration

Engagement in the Community

Merchandising and Retail Opportunities  


Consumer Interaction

Media Coverage

Exposure and Visibility


VIP Hospitality

Hosting Opportunities

Employee Engagement and Incentives

Create AwarenessReinforce

Company Image

Drive Traffic

Showcase Community Responsibility

Community Relations